No12. FAQ: Does it snow in Cyprus?

Yes, it does!

With its height of 1952 meters, the Troodos (pronounced Tró-o-dos) mountain range receives the majority of snow flakes falling on the island between December and March*, with the Pentadaktylos/Besparmak range (of 1024 meters height) receiving a sprinkle (that melts usually within 2 days) if the conditions are right. Chionístra or Ólympos are the names given to the highest section of the mountain range.

In the current global climatic conditions, on Troodos the snow can reach a height of up to 80-100 centimeters. When that happens, Cypriots go nuts to go play with it – which means endless lines of cars (despite the police warnings to use anti-slip car chains) heading to the mountains for the …. ultimate selfie with a snowman.

If you are into the sport, there are 4 designated ski slopes with 8 routes for beginner to advanced skiers.

Otherwise, put on your hiking boots and waterproof gear and join one of the island’s hiking clubs for a strenuous walk through the snow. Depending on the time of the year, the location and the freshness/height of the snow, a usual 3-4 hour hike can take 6+ hours (and a bit more effort) to complete.

* According to Élisée Reclus´s Nouvelle géographie universelle, la terre et les hommes, l´Asie antérieure (1984) description of Troodos, the snow back then remained on the highest parts of the mountain range for most of the year.

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