No 33. The Bright Side of the Moon

For The Dark Side of the Moon, please look for Pink Floyd.

But if you are looking for The Bright Side of the Moon, come to Cyprus!

The pictures you see below were not captured on the surface of our lunar companion (nor in any Hollywood film studio for that matter), but close to coastal Livana hotel, on the south side of the Karpasia/Karpaz peninsula, in the north-eastern part of the island. These very particular rock formations, and the coral-rich pools next to them, stretch for about 6 kilometres between Paradise Karpaz hotel and Nikos Restaurant.

I have to warn you to exercise caution if you attempt to walk on this rocky surface and pass from one thin strip of water to another, as it can get slippery and injuries can occur, like it happened to me during one of my explorations!

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