Welcome to You’ve Got: Cyprus!, a blog born out of the desire to present the qualities of the WHOLE island of Cyprus in one single site, from a local’s perspective.

In this blog you can expect to find information about Cyprus based on my own knowledge and exploration of the island as a native Cypriot, on both sides of the decades-long divide which began forming in the late 1950’s.

What I intend to share here are photos and stories for a variety of themes that I personally find interesting enough to share with the outside world: nature, culture, language, tastes, political issues, etc.

The majority of websites about Cyprus, especially tourism-related ones, promote either the northern or southern parts of the island (separately) and/or follow a divisive political discourse (Us vs. Them).

You’ve Got: Cyprus!  is unique in that you will find here many topics and off-the-beaten-path ideas which you will not find in the websites I mention above. 

This blog can be a useful resource to those preparing for independent travel in Cyprus, those who are searching to understand the island from a local’s viewpoint and those who are curious about what lies – in the shape of an electric guitar! – in the far eastern corner of the Mediterranean.

If this blog inspires you to visit and explore beautiful Cyprus and its known and hidden corners, please always consider your impact on the environment and make sure you leave no polluting traces behind you!


With love,