No11. Homemade goodness

Don’t you just love it when the mothers of your friends are great, open-hearted cooks? And that when you are stopping by with your friend after exploring the countryside they will treat you like royalty by preparing some on-the-spot local food for you to indulge in? 🙂

I hereby present the sádji pan and skills of Mrs. Evdokia, who prepared two versions of the pittas for us – salty with halloumi cheese and sweet with honey and cinnamon. This pan is the Cyprus version of a wok, used especially for these types of pittas. You will find pre-packed sweet sadji pittas (Πίττα της Σάτζιης) in supermarkets. However, if you get the chance to stop by the traditional products store I recommend in “Traditional Food Products: Check!”, so that you can buy them fresh, I believe you will not regret it!

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