No10. Traditional Food Products: Check!

Most of the times I am on my way from Nicosia to the Troodos mountain range for a hike, I will make a stop at the traditional bakery and local products store called “O Dípiros Ártos” (Ο Δίπυρος Άρτος) in Akaki village. It is right on the side of the main road in a traditional house.

There you can find freshly baked bread, olive and halloumi-flavored bread, fresh dairy products made of goat’s milk (yogurt, halloumi cheese, anari cheese), wine, dried beans, nuts, pumpkins (when in season), and made-on-the-day deserts like Cyprus halvá.

On the way to the hike, I usually pick up a paper bag of 10 salty, halloumi-flavored pittákia tis sádjis (small sadji pies) for a very low price. They are addictive, especially when eaten warm! The other option is a larger-in-size, sweet version of the pitta, with honey (also check out my post “Home made goodness”). On the way back from the hike, I stop by again to buy cold, dairy products and anything else that winks at me 😉

* Halloumi cheese usually sells for 8 – 14 euro per kg in Cyprus. The cheaper kind, found in supermarkets or sold overseas, is usually made of cow milk and feels more plastic and mass produced. In this store, I buy it for 11 euro a  kilo (usually 4 individually wrapped pieces or 5-6 of them in a bucket with its own juice) and its worth all of it! Oh, not to forget – this one’s made of goat’s milk.

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