No9. Bananas baby! (and other tropical fruit)

Cyprus grows its own bananas!!?

Yes sir, we do!!

The story goes – somewhat – like this: When Nature was deciding where to allow the growth of bananas in Cyprus, she opened a map of the island, closed her eyes, and placed her finger on ….

the Kissonerga and Peyia villages in Paphos District!

That is the only area, in the west part of the island, where the micro-climate is suitable enough for the growth of this delicious and nutritious fruit. If you tour the region in February (maybe on your way for a hike in the Akamas peninsula), you will see them hanging under bright blue plastic skirts for their protection.

Mr. Theodosis, the Paphian farmer whose bananas I buy in the open-air farmers’ market of Nicosia (Wednesdays and Saturdays at the OHI roundabout), matures his bananas in a natural way – by placing them in boxes of apples.

This region of Paphos is suitable for the growth of other delicious tropical fruit (like cherimoya, mango, papaya and maracuya), which I also buy from Theodosis at the farmers market.

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