No13. Right up Sotira’s nose

It sounds gross, but in fact’s this is one of the best spots for giving your eyes a treat. Where? Well, right up Sotira’s nose!!

Not any regular nose, though. Moutti tis Sotiras (Sotira’s nose in word-word translation from Cypriot Greek or Sotira’s Peak to be exact) is the highest spot on the combined Adonis and Aphrodite trail in the Akamas peninsula, from where you have this view:

“Pas mal!”, right!?

On the way to the peak (the trail starts on the side of the road about 100 meters before reaching the Aphrodite’s Baths restaurant) you can expect these sightings (depending on the season, with February-March being the best months):

And this is what you get on the way down:

I’ve made my case.

Footnote: As is usually the situation with human greed and indifference towards protection of the environment, the Akamas peninsula has been threatened by the appetite of wealthy land owners  that want to exploit it for business.

You can read more about how the issue has developed during the last few years here:

Battle for the Akamas

Green groups say Akamas plan ‘still problematic’

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