No27. Orchiduary

O-rchi-du-a-ry [noun]: *

a) The name given to the month of the year when Cypriot Orchids typically blossom. eg. January, February, Orchiduary… etc.

b) The name given to the obituary of an Orchid following the completion of its blossoming period, eg. “Oh, the Daisies read a very touching orchiduary at the Orchids’ funeral yesterday“, said Rosemary with a tear in its eye.

*Source: Mesmerized Spring Addict’s Dictionary 🙂


On a more serious note…. (well, sort of!):

If obituaries for Orchids really did exist, my personal dedication for them would go – somewhat – like this: (if in doubt, look at the photos…. can you blame me!?)

“What began as a 25km  never-before-attempted-by-myself-and-dear-friends hike to and from the Antiphonitis church in the Pentadaktylos/Besparmak mountain range ended up being a tender, surprising and awed encounter with hundreds, if not thousands, of our beloved Orchids … which of course meant an analogous amount of photo-ops and tens of stops along the way in order to capture that perfect image of them. Oh, those colors – pink and white and crimson and yellow and green and brown and purple and some hints of electric blue! With every step we took, we noticed even more of them crowding the mountainside above and below the trail. Together with our other natural stars, the Anemones, they created a truly wonderful scenery. Some of these Orchids we had never seen before but it took only milliseconds for them to catch our attention…and our hearts! I can safely say that we left the mountains feeling even more deeply in love with Mother Nature and all of its beautiful gifts.Farewell, our beautiful Orchids. You gave us a day we will remember and cherish forever and we shall gladly look forward to many more future encounters with you. Hasta la proxima!”






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