No18. Journey to The End

The village of Kormakítis (Korucam) is located on the way to the north-western tip of Cyprus, a cape of the same name. Kormakitis is one of the 4 villages inhabited by (Catholic) Maronite Cypriots, whose (8th century AD) origins are from Syria and Lebanon. Their dialect, Sanna, is Cypriot Arabic, a combination of Arabic, Turkish and Greek.

What impressed me the most when I first visited Cape Kormakitis was the image of two “seas” merging together. Due to the presence of a small, rocky island about 50 meters from the coastal tip, the invisible triangle that forms creates this pretty illusion. Right on the tip is a metal tower with a staircase – not suitable for the non-daring and those with a fear of heights.

To reach the Cape, you will have to take a dirt road for the last couple of kilometers. It is not unusual to cross paths with a herd of sheep and goats.

Cape Kormakitis is the northwestern end of the 260-km long Besparmak trail, which leads to the northeastern tip of the Karpasia peninsula, beyond the Apostolos Andreas/Zafer Monastery. The views on this coastal part of the trail include Cyprus’ version of the Matterhorn (Toblerone) Peak, called Kornos/Kivanc Tepe. I call it the “Matterhorn” because when one turns their head towards the east to view the mountain range, while swimming near Orga (in front of Apo’nun Yeri restaurant), that’s what this peak looks like. Too much imagination? Maybe! 🙂

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