No15. Is it really just 5?

Well, that’s what the name suggests! Penta-dáktylos = (with) five fingers.

– Yes, but are they REALLY just five?

Well, if you look at it from the south side, they seem as if they are five.

– Yes, but are they REALLY ONLY FIVE?

– Weeeeellll…. after 5.5 hours of climbing with bare hands, hiking, rolling in goat shit and fighting all those nettle plants on its northern side…. no, they are not only five. There are about…25 peaks (“fingers”) to pass from one end to the other! 

– Oh! Then… what’s up with the name?

Urban legend. As the story goes, the Byzantine hero Digenis Akritas was chasing a Saracen warrior. He leaned against the mountain range and left his hand print there while he was throwing a rock all the way towards the south of the island. He was the Superman of his time, apparently. That rock is called Pétra tou Romioú and is the very popular site where according to ancient myths the goddess Aphrodite was born from the water. [You can see the rock in the photo on the main page of the blog].

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