No6. For whom the bell tolls

Fear not, dear reader! No lives are threatened by this post!!!

I want to share with you the excitement I feel every time I am exploring Cyprus countryside and I run into a herd of goats. It might be because I’m a Capricorn, it might also be because the sound of the goats’ bells is indeed very soothing! Listen here:

You will see goats of multiple color combinations in several places on the island, especially in the Akamas peninsula (they are there by the thousands, even though the relevant legislation mandates that shepherds are only allowed to keep small herds of a few dozens each within the NATURA2000-designated area). They are also roaming free in the Pentadaktylos mountain range, leaving their smelly traces behind, especially in the rooms of the (unattended) Buffavento castle (you’ve been warned!).

As you might already know, the benefits of goat’s milk are superior to cow milk in that it’s less allergenic and more easily digestible. You will find dairy products (fresh milk, halloumi cheese, yogurt, anari cheese) made of goats’ or a combination of goats’ and sheep milk in most supermarkets and stores selling traditional culinary products. Check out my post “Traditional food products: Check!” for suggestions on such stores.

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