No1. Spring time in Akadimias Park (Nicosia)

I am fortunate to be living very close to Akadimias Park not far from the center of Nicosia, which is a lovely option for spending some relaxing time alone or with friends and family. It’s also a great option for exercising by walking, running or cycling. There’s a picnic area, a kiosk (with wifi) serving drinks and snacks, a basketball court and a children’s playground. Especially between December and April, the park is a visual delight with its green and yellow carpet. The birds and frogs (in the stream running through it) complete the soundscape with their callings.

The park, which neighbors the site of the former British Medical Hospital (in operation between 1941-1959) was planted during the British colonial rule with Pinus Pinea pine trees and eucalyptus trees. Pinus Pinea, is weaker than the Pinus Brutia found in Cypriot forests in its ability to withstand harsh climatic conditions and long-term drought. Due to the lack of substantial rainfall in recent years, since the fall of 2016 several pine trees in the park have dried up and died. The forestry department has planted other trees in their place.

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